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Museum am Strom

Das Museum am Strom

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Directly at the entrance to the UNESCO World Heritage „Mittelrheintal“ (Central Rhine Valley), the Museum on the River invites visitors to experience fascinating encounters with 2000 years of culture and history on the river Rhine: In addition to the sections Rhine Romanticism, Roman Age („Das Binger Ärztebesteck“; a complete set of surgical instruments), Town History and Special Exhibitions, the large Hildegard of Bingen exhibition is the focus of what the museum has to offer. On more than 300 square meters, a clear picture of the great Abbess is conveyed: In fascinating models, the long destroyed Hildegard monasteries take shape again while impressive art works, precious originals (e.g. the first print of „Physica“ of 1553) and elaborate graphics make her life and works vivid. Audio equipment introduces the musical works and from a higher level, on the museum gallery with a view on the Rhine, the visionary world of Hildegard can be experienced in meditation with the help of large-scale technical installations. Her role as a fearless admonisher and advisor even for Emperors and bishops is focused on – with original documents from Hildegard’s time. In a word: To experience Hildegard of Bingen with all senses – this is enabled by the exhibition together with the „Hildegarden“ associated with the work on natural history. You will not find a more comprehensive documentation of the life and work of the popular Saint than here in her place of work in Bingen.


Museum am Strom - Hildegard von Bingen
Museumstraße 3
55411 Bingen am Rhein
Telephone +49 6721 991531 Facsimile +49 6721 990653


Opening Hours
Tuesday to Sunday 10 am – 5 pm
Admission Fees
Admission: 3,- € Reduced fee: 2,- € Families: 6,- €
How to find us
Via Bingen-Ost and Kempten towards the ferry in Rüdesheim and further on towards the Rhein-Nahe-Eck (junction of Rhine and Nahe)
For the Museum on the River, accessibility is very important. The Museum can be reached via ramps. All exhibition rooms can be reached via lift and be accessed with wheelchairs. A spacious disabled toilet can be found on the ground floor.